• INSTITUTE of DEVELOPMENT and ENVIRONMENTAL APPLIED STUDIES (IDEAS) founded in 2006, IDEAS has done several studies focusing on technological change, economic development, human settlement, gender studies, youth and poverty, environment issues, etc. The geographical coverage of the studies has not been limited to India, rather it is spread all continents of the globe.

  • Title: Servitization, IT-ization and Innovation Models: Two-stage Industrial Cluster Theory

    This book looks at two-stage industrial cluster theory and new innovation models in the context of the IT-ization and servitization of products. It goes beyond an evolution of the development of traditional industrial clusters by promoting the idea of the formation of two-stage clusters. The book looks at company strategies in a new business environment dominated by the servitization and industrial products.

  • Title: Information and Communication Technologies in the Context of Globalization: Evidence from Developing Countries

    The book makes an important contribution to the literature on business, economic growth and information and communication technology-led technical change. Evidence based on primary survey of firms comes from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The studies presented in the book have been able to capture the factors that are impediments and catalyst in the adoption of new technologies.